The Enthalpy Wheel: The Wheel of Savings

by Sean Elliston, P.E.

The Challenge

Addressing the needs of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is receiving increased attention. The outdoor air brought into the building comes with a cost, and enthalpy wheels provide a solution by exchanging the energy between the building’s exhaust air and incoming outdoor air.

Enthalpy Wheel


Classroom Design Cooling Load
  • Reduces peak electrical demand and energy consumption.
  • 3-6 years of payback or potential for instant payback.
  • Conserve energy, preserve cooling and heating.
  • Reduces both summer and winter peak building loads and provides savings year-round.
  • Enthalpy wheel’s installation and design allow easy access for cleaning, which minimizes maintenances costs.

Enthalpy Wheels in a Learning Environment

  • The outside air load dominates the classroom design cooling lad.
  • Enthalpy effectiveness 70-80%
  • Enthalpy wheels mitigate the energy operating cost increase generated from an outdoor air rate

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