MEP Engineering – Energy Rehabilitation Program

HVAC and lighting systems in commercial and institutional facilities in the United States account for nearly 70% of a client’s energy use. Next to employee salaries, energy costs are typically the largest part of their operating budget. The capability and operation of energy management systems in many buildings is simply inadequate to address the ever-growing demands to optimize gas and electric utility performance.

Consequently, assessing and re-assessing the overall energy performance and operation for a large institution in relation to its energy demand and usage is a necessary and wise undertaking. This program seeks to analyze and reduce energy consumption across all facilities by a minumum 10% collectively. The unit of measure for determining energy savings is kilowatts/hour (kWh) of electricity consumed. The scope of work of the energy rehabilitation program consists of:

  • Ensuring all HVAC and lighting system schedules entered into building automation control systems are up to date, accurate, and tailored specifically for when the building is actually being used
  • Verifying control sequences are optimized for maximum energy efficiency and point-to-point functionality and mapping are accurate and have not drifted over time
  • Establishing a recommended capital projects list for energy related improvements for each building so funding can be managed in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Developing, in conjunction with the building owner, strategies to be implemented by building staff to reduce energy consumption through building user behavior modifications
  • Developing a new standard of design for future building construction that prioritizes energy efficiency to achieve streamlined operating costs

For more information, please contact Mark Madorsky, PE toll free at 1-800-938-7272.

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