Regular HVAC Maintenance Creates Long-Term Savings

By: Rex Wang (Director, Ontario)

As COVID-19 has permeated daily life and conversation for the better part of a year, the importance of indoor air quality and the role it plays in promoting wellness has been a topic of national importance, particularly in regard to opening schools for and the return to in-person learning.

Since the onset of the pandemic, LEAF Engineers has been distributing resources for building owners to reference as they work to optimize their building systems for wellness. Most recently, LEAF Engineers has developed this checklist to offer practical application advice considering recent CDC and other national publications by health experts.

Aside from strategies related to the COVID-19, regular maintenance of AC systems has always been and will always be important. Well maintained systems save money by preventing breakdowns and costly repairs, reducing energy bills and extending the life of the system. Regular maintenance also helps systems produce warm or cool air more evenly and steadily. Furthermore, well-maintained systems reduce the ecological footprint of the building.

Not sure where to start? This video provides an overview of recommendations for an HVAC unit inspection.

VIDEO: Neglecting Regular HVAC Maintenance Could Cost You

The slides below provide a detailed look, as well as a typical maintenance checklist, that can be referenced as you inspect your units. For more information or questions regarding HVAC maintenance, please contact LEAF Engineers at 1-800-938-7272.

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